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festival and public events

the London pie and mash company are privileged to cater at festivals nationwide big or small. Music festivals, airshows, major sporting events, country fairs – even the Royal Wedding at Windsor castle – we have seen some fantastic events and served up amazing food – all year long.


A professional purpose-built setup, with either trailer or pop up, we can add something different the run of the mill festival food – plus tick off all your dietary needs!

For more information, references, pictures or general questions, please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you and discuss your party, event, wedding or festival requirements.


festival and public event reviews:

“Enjoyed a fantastic pie and mash with Liquor, it was so very good I need to order a home delivery asap :-) - can you provide me with link - Thank you!”

Festival goer (Silvestone Classic)


“Me and my husband had a fantastic day true Londoners up from Somerset my favourite Lord mayors show eating the most amazing food ever pie and mash outside one of my favourite places in the whole world st Paul’s cathedral life couldn’t be better. Thank you London pie and mash company first pie and mash for many years it was as we remembered. Xx”

Festival goer ( Lord mayor’s show)

“Great tasting pies- one of the best I’ve tasted and I’m not usually a pie eater.Served with lovely friendly staff- from a very clean company van. Great authentic taste of the liquor. I shall return. 😀👍🏼”

Festival customer

“Great tasting food, friendly and approachable staff. The manager has great knowledge of pie and mash and was telling me and my family about how all his products are made.
Absolutely no comparison to the pies sold inside the stadium.
Great to be able to come to a football game and enjoy true london pie and mash made and not make do with the usual stadia offerings like at other grounds!”


(West Ham)

“I make most home games at West Ham so was delighted to see we finally have some pie and mash at the game… and what a meal… as good as any I’ve had before, me and my 2 boys eat there every game and I know they have dozens of regulars… brilliant, keep up the good work ! And they now sell beer as well!”


(West Ham)

“Went to Twickenham for the 6 Nations England Ireland game and we had Pie and mash for the “London taste” from the London Pie and Mash company.
I must say how impressed we were – great pies and the mash and mushy peas were fantastic – check out these guys if you go to Twickenham.

Festival customer

“These guys were in the courtyard selling their pie n peas, and yes!!! Yours truly had to sample them, absolutely great. If you get the opportunity try them for yourselves.”

Festival customer (via Tripadvisor)

“The company never fail to deliver lovely food, and can accommodate any dietary needs (vegan food!). They also deliver friendly and efficient service! Definitely recommend!”

Festival customer (via Tripadvisor)

“When you hear London your first thoughts are the Queen, Tower Bridge, Fish & Chips and Ale. But how many of you associate Pie & Mash & Liquor with the UK? Outside of it, most likely next to nobody.
The London Pie and Mash Company limited has a long array of pies, 16 different types, which makes it easy to please everybody’s palate. From Gluten free, Vegan, Halal, Breakfast Pies ….they truly have it all!!!! All of them handmade with love and first class ingredients. The staff is very friendly and professional and completes this amazing dining experience
You won’t regret giving this fantastic piece of England a try ~ I did and fell in love with it! Thumbs up!”

Kitchen Vixen
Festival customer (via Tripadvisor)

“I attended a festival with friends. Boardmaster in Cornwall. Me and my friends were debating on where to eat from as it’s a tricky decision at festivals as you normally get fleeced. I opted to try this brand. The London pie and Mash company. Off I went to choose my pie I got minced beef with a good serving of mash mushy peas and gravy. I couldn’t believe that I got it all for less than £10. I ate there the full weekend. The company catered for veggies/vegan/gluten free. I was impressed. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable on what they was serving. Fantastic experience. Will keep my eyes open for them in the future. Keep up the good work.”

Festival customer (via Tripadvisor)

“I recently made a trip over to the UK from America to visit with some old friends. Upon my arrival, I told my dear friends how I wanted to try some traditional English food so I could really get the full experience. Their recommendation was that we try some pie and mash. Fortunately for me, I was able to catch up with the amazing London Pie and Mash Company! Not only was the food incredible, but the team of workers were beyond friendly and accommodating. I even got to meet the owner of the company, Olac. Olac was very sweet and charming and I thought it was really cool how he personally thanked each customer for their business. Excellent experience overall and would definitely go again!”

Festival customer

“Absolutely gorgeous pie and mash!! I Live in Sheffield, but from down South so reminds me of home . Excellent service too. Highly recommended!”

Festival Customer



“Just had fab pie and mash and lovely coffee at WOMAD – tastiest food so far!”


Festival Customer



“I couldn’t believe it when I saw some proper pie and mash at WOMAD, they stood out from the crowd and was a very welcome change to all the “world food”. I don’t think I have actually had better, not from anywhere, not even a London shop, and I was brought up on the stuff”

Festival Customer



“The London Pie and Mash Company Limited in my personal opinion were the best vendor at this year’s Rat Race Dirty Weekend in Stamford. Personnel and product are not to be beaten….. Would give more stars if it was possible, will always be on the lookout for them in future!!”


Festival Customer

“As someone who originates from South East London, it’s safe to say my all-time favorite meal is Pie, Mash & Liquor. 6 years ago I got so excited whilst at Isle of Wight festival as I saw a Pie and Mash van, however, it was far from authentic and I was extremity disappointed. My husband and I once again got excited seeing a Pie & Mash van, but I was so reluctant to buy anything on the off chance it was again, disappointing. I cannot thank you enough for bringing a true taste of my home out onto the road and show up 5 miles from where we live. It was truly perfect, right down to the not perfectly smooth mash, the amazing crispness to the pies through to the pie mince and liquor itself.”


Festival customer



“Love it. I ate Pie and Mash regularly during Bingley Music Live and when I saw them in City Park, Bradford for the Echoes of Oz, I had to have more. Although I had to share with my 6 year old who also loved the pie and mash. Tasty, rich, comfort food. I will always make a beeline for these pies!.”


Festival customer



“Amazing Traditional London Pie & Mash…. Served Just how it should be”


Festival customer

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